Hoyt Trophy Photos | Matt Jacobs

People who GET SERIOUS bows get serious results. See what happens when you GET HOYT.

Matt Jacobs, Indiana

Bow Used: Nitrum 30

the buck named Michael Phelps. Little back story: Deer came in on a doe and wasn't going to leave her for anything. He stood broadside at 55 yards and as I released he took a small step forward resulting in a liver shot. We decided to stay in the stand for several more hours. Once we got down and started tracking him we didn't see anything promising. We ended up tracking spots of blood for several hundreds yards along the White River. Then all of a sudden we were 30 yards from him. (3rd pic). We waited and waited for him to get up. Even a boat passing by didn't make him stand. Finally after what seemed like forever he stood up and I placed another arrow right in the boiler room. He jumped down to the river edge and walked up about 80 yards before he decided to become an Olympic swimmer and swim across the White River. He made it, thank goodness, only to die in the other side, but not before his last ounce of energy rolled him over in to the river. So there we sit helpless as we watch this awesome buck floating down the river. Thankfully we had a boat on the way. I think I could have one some type of rowing event had I been clocked on my speed. All and all probably the best day of hunting I've ever had. Thanks to all who made it possible. Barn Burner Custom Strings, Gold Tip Arrows, Hoyt Archery, Shrewd Stabilizers, Crossroads Archery and to all the people that support me, especially my wife Kelli, and our beautiful little girl Lily. Who has decided to inform me that she wants to shoot the biggest buck in the woods.

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