Hoyt Trophy Photos | Al OBrien

People who GET SERIOUS bows get serious results. See what happens when you GET HOYT.

Al OBrien, Alberta

Bow Used: Alphamax 35

Couple yrs ago I met this buck but couldn't get the shot, finally this yr I had more history with him on my trail cameras. Able to start hunting this property in Nov, I couldn't wait to get in my stand. On Nov 12 I seen him walking to check his scrapes about 120yds away I decided to try soft rattling (since calls didn't work day before), he looked my way, I did 2 grunt calls, he stared hard my way. I glanced down quickly to make sure my feet weren't to close to the edge of my Treestand. I looked back to him, but he was gone like a ghost never seen him again that evening. All I thought was he's a wise cautious old buck. Evening of Nov 13 I was watching a smaller 4x4 buck chasing a doe. A few minutes later I seen a buck walking my way thinking it was the 4x4. Then he came out of the thicker buck brush I thought his antlers look bigger. Got my binos out & it was the big guy coming in steady directly to me. When I could I grabbed my bow, & got ready for the shot. He stopped about 50 yds out looking around then my way & all I thought was don't see me. He then wagged his tail & continued to towards me, turned on the trail which brought him 18yds broadside. My arrow was gone. I just shot my largest WT buck.

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