Hoyt Trophy Photos | Nathan Pacanowski

People who GET SERIOUS bows get serious results. See what happens when you GET HOYT.

Nathan Pacanowski, PA

Bow Used: Lazertec

After one video of him at the beginning of September, I just could not get him off my mind. After several hunts, I realized my only real chance at him was to get permission on the larger parcel bordering the small one I was hunting. Luckily, the owner said yes! Two weeks ago after a run and gun setup, I was at full draw for over two minutes on him but didn't have a good shot to take. He saw me, and got slightly spooked and that was the last I saw him. After two other unsuccessful hunts, this morning was going to be my last one till I focused on other areas. After 45 minutes of daylight, I heard leaves crunching behind me and there he was! The wind was perfect, and he turned on to the trail to head back to his bedding area. After a bleat to stop him, the arrow flew true, with a clean pass through both lungs. He didn't even make it 60 yards before I saw him drop. I've never had a bigger adrenaline rush in my life! I put in an incredible amount of one scouting and knocking on doors this year and it paid off with my best buck yet! This is the last year I intend to hunt with this bow as it is my 10th season with it. I have made so many good memories with it including killing my first deer. But, I can't wait to upgrade to either a carbon or pro defiant. Thank you Hoyt!

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