Hoyt Trophy Photos | Quade Schmelzle

People who GET SERIOUS bows get serious results. See what happens when you GET HOYT.

Quade Schmelzle, WY

Bow Used: SuperHawk

I decided to buy a bow this past summer. I always wanted one, but now I actually had the time and money to get set up right. I did some research first then decided on the Hoyt SuperHawk. It fit me excellent! When archery season opened for deer in my area I was pumped! I had been watching a small deer herd during the summer and noticed they usually came to a nearby hayfield to feed in the evenings. I set up in a low spot on the ground and hunkered behind some wyoming sage brush. There are no trees in this area so I didn't even bother buying a tree stand. I decided against a ground blind too. I wanted to keep the hunt true to wyoming, no game farms, all fair chase! I had to sit in the same spot for four hours but I finally saw a group of bucks coming towards me. I glassed them as they walked and picked the one I would take if I happened to get lucky enough for a shot. Sure enough, they kept coming and all I could do was try to keep myself calm. I grabbed my range finder, but the sage brush was too tall, and I couldn't get a reading. I couldn't pass this opportunity up, so Iguessed the yardage. The big buck stopped perfectly, somehow, and I drew my bow. I guessed he was at fifty yards and let the arrow fly! The sound the arrow made when it hit the buck still echoes in my ears! I knew I had a good shot on him! I watched him run about 75 yards then drop to the ground! I had him, my fisrt deer with a bow, and my first harvest with a bow. Thanks Hoyt for the awesome prduct I bought!

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