Hoyt Trophy Photos | Steve Burch

People who GET SERIOUS bows get serious results. See what happens when you GET HOYT.

Steve Burch, IL

Bow Used: Katera

Was fortunate enough to harvest this 11pt In Illinois. Has a 24 1/4" inside spread that scored 178" gross. Had him come by right at day light and was about 45-47 yds,I grunted at him but he paid no attention,So I told myself maybe this was a good sign cause he came through so early,Some good bucks had been seen in this area. After about 30-45mins after he was out of site I decided to snort wheeze,rattle,and grunt,It wasn't 2mins and here he came right where I had seen him last,But as he was coming back the same way he left I kept telling myself to get ready for that distance (45yds) and then all at once he turns and comes straight towards me,I stopped him at 7 yds and released the string. He bounded off in front of me and stopped at about 65yds and was looking around,I was telling myself "there is NO way I missed that deer" and then in a instant he started wobbling and crashed. I wasn't that tore up until I saw him crash,Then it hit me so hard I could'nt even find the seat on my stand. After I got my senses back some what I called my wife,She asked me"Are you alright?" afterwards she told me she could tell something was wrong by my voice,She's a bow hunter aswell so after I explained it to her she knew what I was talking about. Hope you all enjoy, - Steve Burch

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