Hoyt Trophy Photos | thomas chaput

People who GET SERIOUS bows get serious results. See what happens when you GET HOYT.

thomas chaput, ID

Bow Used: Striker

Well, I drew a hunt with only 15 tags real hard unit to draw for. got permission on some private property the owner showed me the water holes that would be good so i went out there looked around didn't see anything that great talked to the ranch hand and he said that was the biggest buck out here it was 12 inches with one horn broken went to some other places and looked around seen some nice goats but to far and way to much water to find out where they where watering so i did this for 9 straight days looking for a big goat so the 10 th day i went and set up on a water hole that i seen a few antelope watering on set up my double bull blind and waited for the sun to come up. it came up about 7:45 i seen the antelope feeding of a hill one small buck and 2 does they were real spooky looking back at something in the gully that i couldn't see i thought maybe it was a hunter archery deer hunting. but when the sun moved i could see it was a good buck feeding through comming my way i grabbed my hoyt striker set at 69 pounds with carbon arrows and 100 grain muzzy's . got all ready sat there and waited watching to see if he was still comming making his way in saying to my self that this is a nice one that will make the book took about 1 1/2 hrs for him to come in standing broad side at 35 i let him have it he turned and ran yes great shot he ran about 35-40 yards and fell over. i put the horns in the big buck contest at sportsmen warehouse in twin falls idaho where it won a free head mount and a whole bunch of archery stuff. i've taken 5 antelope with this bow that made the popenyoung and 1 deer so be a man and shoot a hoyt is my motto thanks tom chaput

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