Hoyt Trophy Photos | Chad Peterson

People who GET SERIOUS bows get serious results. See what happens when you GET HOYT.

Chad Peterson, ON

Bow Used: Hoyt Avenger

This is me and my bestfriend Jake Malloy. We live in Port Colborne, Ontario and love to hunt and we shoot Hoyt bows. Jake's dad owns a Hunting Pro Shop and we both work there together and are always constantly hunting and enjoying the outdoors. It was New Year's Eve and the last night of the 2008 bow season - and we both had the night off, so we decided to go hunting. We both knew it would be a great night it was cold and crisp. So he grabbed his Hoyt Recurve Gamemaster and was going to try and harvest his first deer with it and I grabbed my Hoyt Avenger and was going to attempt to fill my last tag left. So we hoped in the truck and off we went. Jake dropped me off first and then left for his stand. I had not been in my stand for 20 minutes and here came this nice buck down the trail not the biggest but he was a shooter and it was the last day of the season and i had my buck tag left. So i grab my Hoyt and stand up and this buck walks by at 25 yards and i drew back let an arrow fly and watched my orance fletching disapear right behind this bucks shoulder. I knew i made a good shot all thanks to my Hoyt and i was pumped because it was my first buck. I tried text messaging Jake to see how he was making out but there was no answer i figured he was seeing deer. So i got out of the tree and waited to dark until Jake came to pick me up and when Jake pulled up i asked him how he made out he told me to look in the bed of the truck and sure enough he had a big old mature doe in the back which he had harvested with his Hoyt Recurve. It wasnt a big buck but it was a great accomplishment that he had shot his first deer with a recurve. I had given him the news that i shot a buck and we set off to track him but it wasnt far just about 80 yards. We found the buck but there was only one problem the antlers had fell off just my luck! Due to the cold weather we had been having the buck sheaded them early and right after i shot him and it was going to be impossible to find them because there was close to two feet of snow and to this day we havent found them we are waiting for the snow to melt but none the less it was a night me and Jake will never forget and we have it all too thanks to our Hoyt Bows and we now know aslong as we hunting we will be shooting Hoyt Bows!!

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