Hoyt Trophy Photos | Darron McDougal

People who GET SERIOUS bows get serious results. See what happens when you GET HOYT.

Darron McDougal, WI

Bow Used: Katera

On the coldest morning of the fall turkey season, I strategically placed my Darkhorse blind in a corn field. As darkness gave way to the beautiful morning sunrise, turkeys began talking all around me from their roost. As the birds started to pitch off from their roost and into the field, I picked up my Katera, knowing a shot would present itself. As three toms made their way within 25 yards, I laid the absolute smackdown on one of them. He ran about 25 yards before expiring. Immediately, I peeked out the back of my blind, noticing a group of hens and poults. I ranged the dominant hen at 30 yards, drew back, and found my anchor point. Settling the pin on the sweet spot, I released a perfect arrow, resulting in 5-yard recovery. I love short recoveries, and they seem to happen more often than not with my Hoyt. This was my first double on turkeys. What a morning!

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