Hoyt Trophy Photos | Daniel Peeples

People who GET SERIOUS bows get serious results. See what happens when you GET HOYT.

Daniel Peeples, GA

Bow Used: Katera

The 2008 season was a first for me going into the field armed with a Hoyt ... and it's one I will NEVER forget! After seeing this buck the day before with no shot, I headed back to the same area and posted up. After a pretty slow morning and mid day, I started glassing the rim tops and locked-up on a goats silhouette against the sinking sun. I began to get myself ready, when I looked back and noticed the goat was on a dead run right at me with another buck right on his tail! They ran past me out of sight, then as a few moments past, one of the bucks cam back in and started to drink. I ranged him as he picked his head up and started to turn. 49yards...I stopped him and touched one off. As I saw him drop with the arrow flying just over his back, my heart sank only for a second before thinking to myself "wow, now thats a smooth shooting bow". As I watch the buck head off I knocked another arrow and settled back in. Five minutes later...here came the other buck. I ranged him, 51 yards, drew back, settled the pin and touched one off. The shot felt amazing and the sound of the arrow passing through both lungs is a moment I'll remember forever! I had just taken my first pronghorn antelope, and I had done it with a Hoyt!!! The goat scored 69 inches P/Y. Thanks Hoyt!!!

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