Hoyt Trophy Photos | Bob Everhart

People who GET SERIOUS bows get serious results. See what happens when you GET HOYT.

Bob Everhart, IL

On January 4th 2009, I spent Wildcard weekend in a tree stand and it paid off. After a long season of bow and gun hunting in IL on both public and private property, I was beginning to give up without any deer meat in the freezer. My hunting buddy Ken invited me to hunt his private land near the IL River. I kicked up 13 does as I walked to my treestand that afternoon, and later missed a nice doe at 40 yards. On Sunday morning, I was upset with myself over my missed opportunity, and I went back out to the same property - only this time I picked a tree about 15 yards off a logging trail that had plenty of fresh sign. I had spent several hours in my stand with wind gusts up to 15 mph at my back on a 20 degree afternoon, and I was starting to get cold and frustrated only seeing a few squirrels. About 4:05 p.m. my brother Gary texted me that he just missed a monster 12-point with double drop tines. Now I'm really frustrated. At 4:10 p.m., I saw him. 120 yards out I saw movement and then he raised his head and I about fell out of my stand looking for my binoculars. He was moving downwind and I thought for sure I wouldn't see him again. I started to pray and wait. Fifteen minutes later, something told me to look over my shoulder and I spotted a buck coming out of the creek bottom 50 yards behind me. I figured it was another buck. But when he was up out of the creek I knew it was him. He walked about 15 yards and turned down the trail that my stand was on. He walked right under my tree and I let the arrow fly from 15 yards away. The buck scored 174. I give thanks to God and my buddies who got me back into bowhunting. Thanks, Hoyt, for a great bow!

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