Hoyt Trophy Photos | Austin Parrish

People who GET SERIOUS bows get serious results. See what happens when you GET HOYT.

Austin Parrish, MS

It was Halloween weekend and my uncle had invited my dad and I to go bowhunting on his plantation. I had arrived in Mississippi on a Friday and hunted Saturday and Sunday. I had Monday and Tuesaday left to hunt. On Monday evening this buck was the first to walk out around 4:00. He was a little spooky but eased his way broadside in front of me at 25 yards. I drew back and the only thing going through my head was "MAN he would look good on my wall!!" I let 'er fly and nailed him. He didn't even go 10 yards before he expired. He was my first buck with my bow. Since then I bought myself the new ALPHAMAX 32. If you are in the market for a bow, the ALPHAMAX is the best out there! It's so smooth and quiet - not to mention super fast. God bless and keep throwin' those arrows!

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