Hoyt Trophy Photos | Tad Perry

People who GET SERIOUS bows get serious results. See what happens when you GET HOYT.

Tad Perry, TX

Bow Used: Katera

I harvested this 12 point buck on 11/25/08. I got my first game camera picture of him on 8/6/08. I decided at that moment to hunt this deer! I NEVER saw him until the afternoon of 11/25/08. I was watching some raccoons eating and he walked by from my right to left, at about 25 yards. He never stopped. The mesquite was so thick that I never had a shot. I was so dejected. I just sat there in disbelief! After another 30 minutes, I heard something to my left. He came in at a whopping 15 yards! I hit record on the camera and then drew the Katera. The arrow sailed through the air in slow motion and right into the sweet spot! The buck spun and fell. He regained his feet and stumbled another 20 yards until he went down for good! This was my first P&Y buck!

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