Hoyt Trophy Photos | David Koonce

People who GET SERIOUS bows get serious results. See what happens when you GET HOYT.

David Koonce, KS

Bow Used: Vulcan

On my third day of hunting with my recently purchased Vulcan bow, the wind shifted so that I could hunt my most promising stand. After realizing that my gear bag left camp without me, I walked to my stand with only my bow. About 4:30 PM I see the antlers on this buck above the CRP about 450 yards away. I see him working a rub line on the edge of the thicket that meanders to the woodlot where my tripod stand is located. I find an extra glove in my pocket and pin it to my hood for a makeshift face mask. As I hoped this beautiful 145" 10 point walks into the edge of the field just 35 yards away. He turns and walks to within 15 yards and turns broadside. When he looks back I draw my vulcan for the first time on a buck. A quick check of my bow reveals a leaf between my arrow and the rest. He looks away again and gives me a chance to let off and remove the leaf. He looks away for a third time and I get the shot off. A perfect heart shot piles him up in just 40 yards. Thanks Hoyt for my second largest buck to date!

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