Hoyt Trophy Photos | Scott Nelson

People who GET SERIOUS bows get serious results. See what happens when you GET HOYT.

Scott Nelson, OH

Bow Used: Trykon XL

My five year old son and I went on his 2nd deer hunt on Friday evening. The 1st hunt was in late Oct. out of our buddy stand. He had his little hunter safety system vest on and all camo'd up and I was so proud. We did not see any deer and of course he got a little cold and bored. Trying to find the right day for him to go again was not working out so last weekend we went out and bought a ground blind. He along with my daughter went out and set it up. I put 2 chairs in it along with a little heater. So Friday I asked him "Do you want to sit in the stand where we have a better chance of seeing a deer but being colder or do you want in the ground blind with the heater." He chose heater. (Can't say I blame him!) Once arriving at the blind I realized that there is no way I can shoot my bow with 2 chairs in here. So my chair had to go. After situating windows I then realized that where the bow hangs from the roof of the blind is also a big obstacle with a 5 year old wanting to go from the chair to the heater, to the drink, to the pee bottle, to looking for deer. But who cares it was cool. After 2 hours he said, "Dad I'm tired." I told him to take a nap and daddy will wake you if he sees a deer. It was like a switch. He was out. This was with 1 hour left of shooting time. 15 mins. later I thought I heard something so I grabbed my bow. Of course, here comes a huge squirrel. I think they followed me from my double stand. So I turned around and hung my bow back up. Here's where the story takes a turn. 15 mins. later I see a deer about 35 yds. away coming down the trail running parallel to the blind. I try to wake up my son, not once, twice, three, or four but five times before I get any type of response. Then I'm like, "there's a deer, there's a deer, THERE'S A DEER!" Then he finally said where? The deer is looking towards us and finally flickers his tail and begins to walk allowing my boy to finally see him. I decide since my son is with me I will attempt to take this deer. I reach for my bow and I barely bump it and it falls off the hook to the ground, slams up against the heater and my arrow pokes a hole into my brand new ground blind. I told my boy, don't move, don't move. I couldn't believe what just happened. The deer was still there however. So I pulled my arrow out of the blind and reset my rage broadhead. I positioned my boy so his head was just to the left of my arm and got ready to draw my bow when I noticed that the level on my sight was about to fall off. I was like great I wonder what else moved. The deer just went past my narrow shooting lane headed for my sweet 25 yd. wide open lane when I drew back. The deer stopped just short of my good lane and turned around and started back, when he hit my narrow lane I let it fly. The deer bolted and I knew I hit the deer based on the sound and his reaction. My little boy was giving me hugs and rock and saying "you got him daddy, you got him daddy!!!" I said now listen and see if we hear him crash. Nothing. 15 mins. later its nearly dark so I found blood at impact and had a good trail for 15-20 yds but found several clumps of what I thought was white hair. I started doubting my shot so I told my boy we would look for him in the morning. After a sleepless night, morning came and I took my little boy, my special needs daughter, and my oldest son to help track. I was on the trail for about 50 yds when I looked up and saw him lying ahead. So I let my little boy begin the tracking. Finally he looked up and yelled, Daddy there he is. I had my little brother on the cell phone when he yelled this and he thought that was so cool. The shot was actually a double lung and the hair I found just looked gray in my flashlight, however it was just the bottom gray of each hair. I haven't killed a deer in six years since my daughter was born due to time/job. This was a very special day for us that I don't think any of us will forget. And as long as I have this ground blind I will always have the hole to remind me. Good luck to everyone the rest of the year.

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