Hoyt Trophy Photos | kyle lorenz

People who GET SERIOUS bows get serious results. See what happens when you GET HOYT.

kyle lorenz, IA

Bow Used: Trykon XL

I left school early and went out with my hunting buddy Curtis. He had already shot a very nice 9 pointer with his bow earlier in the year, so he was going to video me shooting a buck on public land. We were having a great time watching a really nice 8 and 10 point fight over a doe out on the adjacent private land. He grunted and snort wheezed to try to get one of them to come in, after a while of watching them and calling he told my to "shoot the monster behind us". I couldnt get a shot yet because he came directly from down wind and had just smelled us out only ten yards away. He started walking away and i was able to get around fast enough to draw back on him while straddling a tree branch between my release and bow. at 15 yards away he turned broad side, so i let it fly. The buck was hit but it was the first time i never had a pass through. The broadhead hit the edge of its shoulder blade and the shot ricocheted up into its brisket, so we decided to wait and pick it up the next day. I never slept, it was the biggest deer i had ever had that close much less shot, so when he wasn't there the next day i was pretty torn up. Me and some of my friends tracked him for five hours before it started to snow and we lost blood. I went back for five days straight looking for him but with no luck. Eight days later i was hunting the morning and saw a nice ten point and a few does, but i had to get back to school. Around 1:00 pm i went back out, my buck was bedded down next to the river and i snuck up close enough to get a second shot. This time it blew through and he died shortly after. We got the second shot on video, but since the first time he caught us by surprise we didn't move the camera from the 8 and 10 pointer for fear of him seeing us. In the end i was the happiest person alive after being pretty depressed the previous 8 days. Thank god for good friends, and big deer.

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