Hoyt Trophy Photos | Matt Miller

People who GET SERIOUS bows get serious results. See what happens when you GET HOYT.

Matt Miller, OK

I had seen this buck 2 mornings in a row prior to the day I killed him. I had decided where i wanted to set up and tucked in tight to a cedar tree I had not been in my seat more than 5 minutes and he appeared from the tree line to the south of me. he made a circle around me and never came closer than about 60 yds so I was not able to get a shot. He disappeared into the wooded creek line where I figured he had passed on through to the thick CRP field on the other side of the timberline. The wind was just right so I decided to try to do a spot and stalk. When I got over to the CRP I spotted him at about 150 yards. He turned towards me and began to walk straight toward me with no regard to the wind. I backed up against a cedar on a knee and waited, within about 1 minute I could see his antlers and I drew my bow. He was walking straight at me so I waited for him to turn he got within 10 yards of me and turned broadside and I took the shot. He went no more than 50 yards and died.

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