Hoyt Trophy Photos | Neil Chandler

People who GET SERIOUS bows get serious results. See what happens when you GET HOYT.

Neil Chandler, NE

Bow Used: Vectrix

The Dawn of November 6 th. unveiled a flurry of rut activity. Four different mature bucks scent checked the numerous scrapes along a winding creek near my location, but none would come within bow range. After a lull in the action around noon I decided to throw up another tree stand closer to where the earlier bucks paths seemed to intersect. I took up resisdence in the new location and by 3:00 PM had 2 small bucks walk by at 15 yards. I keep an eye in the direction they had appeared from and within a short time I saw a rack moving my way. He stopped at a scrape 25 yards away, but was obscured by bracnhes. After he worked the ground over he came right down the trail the previous 2 had walked.I recongnized him as the better of the bucks from the morning,and was ready at full draw as he entered a narrow opening in the branches. The pin settled in just as he stopped, turned his head, and looked right at me. My 60# Vectrix's pin point accruracy put the shaft through him, right behind the shoulder. He wheeled and ran 40 yards back down the trail only to fall 30 feet into the waist deep creek.He never made it up the other side!

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