Hoyt Trophy Photos | Frank Mastin

People who GET SERIOUS bows get serious results. See what happens when you GET HOYT.

Frank Mastin, NC

Bow Used: Katera XL

I had been seeing some small bucks and a few shooters on the bowhunting only lease I was on in North Carolina, gun season had come in two weeks earlier and my sightings slowed. Instead of getting discouraged, I headed to a new area deep in the land, near a beaver swamp. I noticed fresh scrapes and droppings in the area and quickly retrieved my climber. I t was the day after Thanksgiving and the weather was perfect, I felt energized in the new spot and around 5pm noticed some does off to my left - they headed away from me but I hit my grunt call and turned the lead doe, they never came in range and eventually walked out of sight. 15 mins later I heard crunching leaves off to my right and a small 6point was headed right towards me but was only a basket rack- then I heard a deer behind me - seen a large body in the thicket, it was angling towards me, 15 yards later I seen the rack(still outta range) and almost fell out of the stand, my heart was beating so fast I could have sworn he would hear it - and it seemed like forever for him to close the distance - he was at 25 yards and i couldn't take it anymore drew my katera and placed the pin behind his shoulder - perfect shot and a short tracking job later he was mine - Thanks Hoyt this is my largest buck and was ruff scored around 132

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