Hoyt Trophy Photos | Wes Kramer

People who GET SERIOUS bows get serious results. See what happens when you GET HOYT.

Wes Kramer, MO

Bow Used: Viper Tec

I observed this buck the evening before while hunting on the ground (a strong south wind kept me from sitting either stand at this farm). As daylight faded, I saw him walk out of the timber and right under the stand I would have been in had the wind been cooperative. So, the next evening, with a very strong west wind I climbed into that very stand to begin my vigil. Around 3:30 he walked in from the south, about twelve steps from the base of my tree. The shot was true, the buck kicked, ran and expired within sight. This was my 10th season hunting with a Hoyt bow, and my second with my Vipertec. Great deer, great bow, and a great season.

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