Hoyt Trophy Photos | nick trotta

People who GET SERIOUS bows get serious results. See what happens when you GET HOYT.

nick trotta, AB

Bow Used: Katera

Nick Trotta, 65 years old, from Sunset Archery Pro Shop Greenville, NY This was a spot and stalk hunt in AB, we spotted this 5x5 187" buck at 6:30 am and crawled on our bellies for almost 2 miles, and 4 hours, got to with in 45 yards down wind of him bedded down facing in our direction, he had paired off with a smaller buck and bedded until 6:45pm he turned and walked away feeding slowly turned toward me and at about 38 paces turned and gave me a broadside shot I waited for him to put his head down to feed and the rest was up to my 70lbs Katera he took 3 hops and collapsed. We were so excited after all that and to have him walk away and then come back.

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