Hoyt Trophy Photos | crawford brantley

People who GET SERIOUS bows get serious results. See what happens when you GET HOYT.

crawford brantley, KS

Bow Used: katera xl

I was hunting a nice 160" ten for awhile. Then one night I had the ten coming straight to my stand following a doe. The doe had already passed and I was just waiting on the buck to come into my lane when all of the sudden this big nine came out and started chasing the doe. Well of course it ruined everything. The nine came out so fast I had no time to react. He was only 30 yrds to my left. Well 3 days later I issued him a payback ticket for spoiling my chance at that ten.He stepped out at 38 yrds and I let my hoyt do what it does best. I had a complete pass through and he ran about 80 yrds. His mass is incredible on the left. He ended up grossing 168.5. Which is awesome for a nine point. The one thing that has kept a hoyt in my hand for the past 10 yrs is that I never have to worry their dependability. Keep up the good work.

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