Hoyt Trophy Photos | Tim Brown

People who GET SERIOUS bows get serious results. See what happens when you GET HOYT.

Tim Brown, IL

Bow Used: Trykon

Had been hunting at local public land for a week straight,Had missed a 13 point 160 class deer the day before . The only way to get to where I am hunting is by boat with a 5 minute ride across lake.on my way to lake that day I had a flat tire on boat trailer and by time I fixed it on the side of road I was not in the best of mood. The lake where I hunt is not 5 miles from house so I decided to go home drop trailer and go to Family farm which is only a couple of miles from home. Our farm is a 500 acre farm with about 1/2 in corn/bean/wheat and 1/2 in hardwood timber and CRP. I have killed several pope and young deer there over the years and have several stands set on property. I have been watching several nice deer all year down there but have never seen the one I was about to meet .I was short on time because of the flat tire and only had one stand that was good for the wind that night . I was in the stand for less than 20 minutes when I herd a deer comming through the timber behind me. The deer came right down the trail I was hunting like he was supposed to , I did not have any time to do anything but decide if he was a shooter or not.From the time I seen him to the time I shot was less than 15 seconds and I had no Idea how big he really was until he ran away from me and I watched him drop 40 yards away. the shot was only a 20 yard shot but that Trycon with fixed 100 grain broadheads blew all the way through him and burried in the dirt. I have killed over 40 deer with a bow since 1990 and up until 2 years ago I have hunted with Onieda bows .Since then last year the first thing I killed with new Trycon was a 150 class 9 pointer last year and then this one witch should be in the 170 range. I am very happy with my Hoyt and it has made a believer out of me .Thanks Tim Brown Central Illinois

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