Hoyt Trophy Photos | Robert Scott

People who GET SERIOUS bows get serious results. See what happens when you GET HOYT.

Robert Scott, KY

Bow Used: Hoyt ProTec

In a little patch of woods behind our shop (about 1 acre ) the sun was just comming up. I decided to work my rattle bag a little to see if any deer would respond. in about 2 minutes a young fork horn walked under me. He went about 30 yards and I grunted twice at him. The next thing I know he's right under my stand. Then all of a sudden a young 8 point came in...out of breath and limping a little bit. Like he was just tought who was boss! Sure enough I looked to my right and there stood big nasty! He was making a scrape and my heart started to pound...(yea... you know) He started to head twored me and I grabed my HOYT and stood up. All of a sudden he started to trot but he stoped right under my stand. He started to walk away and I drew my bow. He was quartering away about 8 yards when I let her fly! My HOYT is so fast and so quiet that he diddnt know what happend at all. He just walked abought 60 yards, laid down and waited for me to come get him. ....... I have had more fun with my HOYT bow than any thing I have ever had!

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