Hoyt Trophy Photos | Brian Given

People who GET SERIOUS bows get serious results. See what happens when you GET HOYT.

Brian Given, OH

Bow Used: Vectrix

18 years of successful bowhunting and the morning of November 12th 2008 topped it all. I was hunting a transition area between an alfalfa field and a swamp that morning and there just happened to be two does in estrous passing through. Pinch me, it's November and I'm in my stand dreaming!!! Before it was all over I watched eight different bucks trying to win one of the does. Those bucks chased those does ragged that morning but, not before wearing each other out first. I watched two of the bucks fight, I heard grunting, snort-wheezing, saw major displays of dominance from this buck, and to top it off I actually watched this buck breed one of the does. Eventually, the doe brought this buck and another buck to my tree, where I executed a 42-yard shot at 9:00 a.m. Those are the mornings that we get out of bed for!!!!! Thank you Hoyt for making the toughest and most accurate bows on the market. When I say toughest, I mean toughest. Why?? Three days prior to this hunt, I was lowering my bow out of the tree and the knot came loose on my bow rope and my Hoyt fell 22 ft to the ground. Amazingly there wasnt a scratch on it. What's even more amazing is that when I took it home that morning after the fall, it ripped perfect bullet holes through the paper, my broadheads flew true, and I didn't have to make one single adjustment. I was back in the tree that evening and never missed a beat. Tell me that ain't tough! Yes, that's telling a flub on myself, but this is the real world and if you hunt long enough, those kind of things are going to happen. Thank you again, Hoyt, for making a dependable product!

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