Hoyt Trophy Photos | tony smith

People who GET SERIOUS bows get serious results. See what happens when you GET HOYT.

tony smith, WV

I've hunted since the weather has gotten colder here in WV and just couldn't connect with any deer this afternoon i shot this buck i went to the woods around 2:00 pm set my climber up in a tree about 20 feet high i was hunting in thick cover and had very little shooting lanes as soon as i got settled i saw a small 6 point crusing down the hill and i let him go and about 20 mins later i heard a noise behind me a young 8 point went strolling through one of my lanes & i let him go about a half hour after using my bleat can and grunt call i looked to my left there was this buck coming at at 15 yards thankfully he turned up hill and then proceeded the same path as the young 8 point but the oppiste direction when he stepped in the shooting lane i was at full draw and hit the trigger of my release i saw the arrow sink behind his shoulder but not pass through, i watched till he ran outta sight the direction from which he came, i climbed down went bakc to the house and waited an hour before trailing unfortuntly not much blood was there i tracked about 30 yards and lost what sign i did have, i proceeded down the path and saw him bedded he got up and started walking slowly way he could not wind me the wind was in my face so i watched till he disappeared and slowly backed out and waited till morning. The next morning i was back where he was bedded well he opened up and had agreat trail after he got up i tracked him 50 yards over the hill and found him i had use my timer on my digital cam to take this pic i was surprised he was this nice i guess i didn't study the antlers very much after i knew i wanted to try and take him. i was using my hoyt raider that i bought from a archery dealer in winfield wv a few years back this is my best buck with a bow i wish we had better management here in wv to allow the bucks to grow bigger. thanks hoyt for making such good quality products.

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