Hoyt Trophy Photos | Nick Noll

People who GET SERIOUS bows get serious results. See what happens when you GET HOYT.

Nick Noll, WI

Bow Used: Protec

I originally saw this buck about 45 minutes before he came in for the shot. I saw another buck leaving the area and thought it was him. I was wrong! After I saw that buck leave I had a yearling buck run up to within fifty yards. I was focused on him with my binoculars and heard a twig break to my right. It was him and he came to defend his territory. He got on the trail that leads directly to my shooting lane, so I drew my trusty Protec back. I needed him to take two steps to reach my shooting lane when he stopped and turned away to face the younger buck. With my bow at full draw, I let out a loud, oral bleat and he turned just enough to offer me an extreme quartering away shot from thirty yards. The Hoyt did its job. The rest is history.

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