Hoyt Trophy Photos | Nicholas V. Tutolo

People who GET SERIOUS bows get serious results. See what happens when you GET HOYT.

Nicholas V. Tutolo, PA

Bow Used: 2003 Hoyt UltraTec Spiral Cam

Halloween Buck. On Friday October 31, I much needed day off from school and work. The morning was cool and brisk; much cooler than days prior. I laid a scent trail to my stand using my favorite doe in estrus scent from one of the local suppliers. After about an hour, I decided to hit the grunt call a few times. I then took a scan of the area and saw a large deer moving straight toward my stand. I could see the deer checking the wind every now and again. The deer was about 100 yards away when I stood to prepare for a shot. I drew as the deer stepped behind a bush. As he came out the other side, I grunted to stop him and began to squeeze the trigger. My Hoyt Ultratec sent the arrow flying true as it had many times before. I watched as the deer trotted out into the field and disappeared out of sight. Later that day, my father, a friend and I found my trophy piled up in a shrub, hidden from view. What a great moment to spend in their company. I screamed and shouted with excitement as I counted a main frame 10 with 2 stickers. I have been glowing ever since. Thanks Hoyt.

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