Hoyt Trophy Photos | Eric Grassbaugh

People who GET SERIOUS bows get serious results. See what happens when you GET HOYT.

Eric Grassbaugh, OH

Bow Used: Trykon

Just so happens that this was the day before my 35th birthday and I had scheduled a doctor’s appointment for early that afternoon so I could get off work and to a stand a decent time like I have done the past five years. Ever since the night before my 30th birthday five years earlier when I shot a nice 13 pointer on this same farm with my Ultratec and have always figure this was my lucky day ever since then. Climbed a new tree with my climber and had to saw off some limbs so I could shoot around the tree and as I was cutting limbs here come this bruiser out of a thicket 50 yards behind me and walks right to me, looking for what I figure he thinks is a buck rubbing a tree instead of me sawing limbs. I got my trusty Hoyt Trykon 65#-29” ready as he approached from behind my tree. He walked into 25 yards stopped facing the tree I was in, after scent checking the area he took three steps up the ridge opening the front shoulder so I could get an arrow behind his leg and into his lungs. I leaned out around the tree, held tight on the back side of his paddle bone a let the arrow go with total confidence that my Hoyt bow would hit its spot. That it did, this big boy only went 50 yards and crashed. Thank You Hoyt, for the many great memories and great shooting bows. This big boy green scored 146 7/8 Gross, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!

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