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People who GET SERIOUS bows get serious results. See what happens when you GET HOYT.



After submitting my application I got chosen for a deer hunt at Lorimer Park in Merion Township Pennsylvania. The hunt date was Nov. 3rd from sun up till 2:00. At first light 6:30 a big doe came running by me and would not give me a good shot to take her, since this was a management hunt. She never got quartered away or broadside so I let down more than twice. I kept looking behind her and saw nothing. Suddenly she turns and I was just about to release an arrow and i heard the grunting from next to me and out of no where this buck appeared. At 12 yards and quartered to. I looked and realized he was a good buck, not a book buck but related. He had a full neck, slobber coming off his mouth and grunting hard. I came to full draw and floated the pin on the top of the front shoulder and let the arrow go. He donkey kicked and ran off 25 yards and piled up right there. What a sight to see a good buck on the ground after hunting hard all season. My Hoyt Vectrix XL performs time after time at crunch time. That buck was the sixth deer I harvested this year alone and I am not done. As a side note, I have owned nothing but Hoyt bows for my 14 straight years of bow hunting and it is the only bow I will ever own. Form my Fast flight to my Magnatech to my Vectrix, I will never put anything else in these hands. That was my 68th deer with a bow in 14 years of bow-hunting and all with a Hoyt. My arrows have been Easton Super Slams and a 125 grain Rocky Mountain Premier broad heads. I have a sticker on the back of my truck that reads "Friends don't let friends shoot Mathews". Hoyt RULES. Thanks John Davidson...

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