Hoyt Trophy Photos | John Lakes

People who GET SERIOUS bows get serious results. See what happens when you GET HOYT.

John Lakes, IN

Bow Used: Vectrix

November 7th 2008 is probably the best deer hunt I have had in 19 years of hunting. I have killed bigger bucks but the way it all went down with this buck was awesome. It started just after daylight I saw a doe working her way towards my stand. Just behind her was this big boy . I slowley stood up and got ready for the shot. The doe stopped out at about 40 yards with the buck aboout ten yards behind her. About that time a smaller buck came in on the doe . The big guy ran him off and then three more smaller bucks came in and he ran them off too. This continued for several hours. The doe finally bedded down 20 yards in front of me . The big buck also bedded down about 40 yards out in some honeysuckle until one of the smaller bucks would come sneaking back from a different direction. At which time the big buck ran him off agian. Then at around 11:00 another small buck aproached the doe from behind my stand . Once the big buck spotted him he was on his way to run him off too. Only this time he had to cross through one of my shooting lanes at 31 yards. When he got to my lane I grunted with my mouth and stopped him. Before I knew it I saw my white nock speeding away from my mean machine (Hoyt Vectrix) and slammin home. 30 minutes and alittle over 100 yards later there he was.

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