Hoyt Trophy Photos | aaron bankson

People who GET SERIOUS bows get serious results. See what happens when you GET HOYT.

aaron bankson, IA

Bow Used: trycon

On nov. 10th i was hunting a stand where 2 weeks earlear I saw some good bucks. At about 4:30 pm I had two small does walk undernieth my stand and head out into an alfalfa field and about 5 minutes later i heard some running to the right of me. I saw this really nice buck so I grabbed my grunt call and grunted at him about 4 times but he didnt come in. So I decided to rattle at him before he was to far away. After I rattled for about 4 seconds i saw im runing in a dead sprint at me. I barely had time to to put my rattling bag away. I grabbed my Hoyt Trykon, drew it back and grunted at him. I shot him at about 20 yards. He scored 163 and 6/8 and only has an inside spread of 13 inches. He is a mainframe 10 with split g2s like a mule deer. his g2s are 12 inches long and the g3s are 11 and 10 inches long. This will be one of my best memories Iv'e ever had in a tree stand.

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