Hoyt Trophy Photos | Levi Gieseke

People who GET SERIOUS bows get serious results. See what happens when you GET HOYT.

Levi Gieseke, IA

Bow Used: vectrix

I was set up on the edge of a cut crp field that runs into a picked corn field. My decoy was set on top of a swale that could be seen by deer from a long ways away. With over an hour of light left this deer stepped into the crp field over 200 yards away. Immediately I recognized him through my binoculars as one of the deer I had pictures of. I grabbed my rattling antlers and crashed them together and got the deer's attention. He stared in the direction of my decoy for about 30 seconds and turned 180 degrees and ran back in the the timber where he came out of. I immediately set my antlers down and got my bow in hand and release on the string waiting for the deer to come along the inside edge of the woods. After what seemed like an eternity the deer came trotting in just out of my bow range and went passed my stand. Thinking the deer ran farther down the edge of the woods I hung my bow up and rattled but with no sight or sound of the deer. I rattled again. This time he came running in from the direction I had last seen him. He made eye contact with my decoy and walked out of the woods and into the crp field with his legs stiff and his body posturing up to the decoy. I ranged him at 31 yards clipped my release on my string took aim behind the shoulder and let the arrow fly! The deer hunched its back as the arrow shot through him. He took a few steps back and just stared at the decoy. I couldnt belive the deer was just standing there after i shot him. So I loaded another arrow to try to shoot him again. Just as I started to draw the deer turned and ran into the woods where he crashed.

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