Hoyt Trophy Photos | Craig Riggles

People who GET SERIOUS bows get serious results. See what happens when you GET HOYT.

Craig Riggles, NE

Bow Used: Katera

On October 30, 2008, I was in a new stand an hour and 20 minutes before daylight on a parcel of land I was quite familiar with. As soon as I could see good, I tried a rattling sequence and couldn't even get the horns hung up before this guy came in. Unforutnately because it was a new stand, I didn't have the side he came in on trimmed out well enough and had to let him walk without a shot even though he came within ten yards ot the tree. I waited about 15 minutes and tried to rattle him back in, but instead brought in a 120 class 8 point, which I let walk. On Halloween morning I was back in the same stand at the same time. I was just hanging up the horns after my first rattling sequence when I heard footsteps. I grabbed my bow and got positioned for a shot as the deer worked it's way through the trees - it was the 8 pointer from the day before coming in from the north. As he came to a stop ten yards in front of me, I heard another set of footsteps coming from the south and in came the big 12 pointer from the day before. They came to within about 10 yards of each other when it was clear the 8 pointer wanted nothing to do with him and he circled downhill to avoid confrontation. The 12 pointer slowly moved ahead, parallel to me and I was able to calm myself enouogh to make the 15 yard shot. My Katera performed flawlessly and the arrow entered just behind the shoulder and blew through the backside shoulder blade - he went about 70 yards before going down. He is by far my best buck to date with a green non-typical net score of 163 5/8". Thanks Hoyt!

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