Hoyt Trophy Photos | Ryan Hajek

People who GET SERIOUS bows get serious results. See what happens when you GET HOYT.

Ryan Hajek, NE

Bow Used: Hoyt Razortec

I saw this buck for the first time one week before I shot him... So I scouted the area where I had seen him and realized there were no good trees for a treestand... but one big cedar tree was near the trail... I cut out a section of the tree and placed a chair up against the base of the tree... my exact thought was "I hope this works"... The following Monday I got to the cedar early, and about 6:55 I seen the buck heading up the trail towards me... As I steadied myself for a shot the the wind changed and the monster 7x7 had smelled me... all hope was lost as the buck ran away and my dreams faded right in front of my eyes... about 10 minutes later the buck came back... but on the trail that was farther away, what would have been about a 15 yard shot was now a 48 yard shot... I raised my bow and the buck proceeded down the trail, the buck stopped in my shooting lane and I let the arrow fly.

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