Hoyt Trophy Photos | Cory Dyer

People who GET SERIOUS bows get serious results. See what happens when you GET HOYT.

Cory Dyer, ME

Bow Used: Hoyt Vulcan

Early Tuesday Morning October 14, 2008 was a cool and crisp. I made my way to my treestand early before sunrise. After settling in and hoisting my Hoyt up and nocking an arrow, I settled in for the hunt. The sun rose with the woods coming alive with birds chirping and squirrels chattering. Sitting there for about an hour taking in the scenery, I heard a snap of twigs on the forest floor. I turned to see a buck making his way out of the tree line. I reached for my bow and tried to calm down and be patient for the buck to give me a broadside shot. The buck stayed inside the woodline and then disapeared! I was still clutching my Hoyt bow and release attatched to the D loop, when all of a sudden he came right out at 25 yards and persented me with a perfect broadside shot. I stood up, came to full draw, placed the pins on for a double lung Hoyt smack down, and released the arrow right in the bullseye! I watched the deer run and go down!

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