Hoyt Trophy Photos | Jonathan Kernutt

People who GET SERIOUS bows get serious results. See what happens when you GET HOYT.

Jonathan Kernutt, OR

Bow Used: Katera

It was the third day of the 2008 season and my first day off from work. My hunting parnter Ryan and I had already checked three different gates and all of them had rigs parked in front of them. Ryan suggested another spot and I'm glad he did. Our persistence paid off when we spotted this big bull. The conditions were perfect and we snuck in on the bull and his herd as they fed in a clear cut. I waited as the herd started to feed into the timber with the bull following slowly behind. When the bull came into view he was broadside. I drew my bow and shot, making one well-placed shot right in the top of the bull's heart. The bull went close to 180 yards before succumbing to his fate. My bull green scores 331 3/8 gross and 324 2/8 net. He is the biggest Roosevelt that I have ever seen and definitely a bull of a lifetime!

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