Hoyt Trophy Photos | Sara DiRado

People who GET SERIOUS bows get serious results. See what happens when you GET HOYT.

Sara DiRado, MA

Bow Used: Katera

Thursday September 4th, 2008 was filled with extreme anxiety and excitement. All showered up and over dressed in my camo on a 80 degree night. We took the short walk into the woods and climbed into the treestand. We proceeded to set the video camera up and get settled in and relax for what we thought was going to be long sit. 2 1/2 hours went by pretty quick. Just as the sun was starting to go down I put my jacket on just in case the temperature dropped. Literally 2 minutes later a shooter black bear stepped out. We didn't hear him coming in. All we heard was crunch, crunch and there he was. Standing broadside eating the bait. My heart is racing, my knees are chattering. My friend Jamie is trying to get me to stand up by pulling on my belt loop. I was too nervous to stand up at that time. Video camera is rolling the whole time. With my hand holding on to the Hoyt Katera, arrow knocked, I'm ready! I waited approximately 8-10 minutes for the right shot. I wanted the bear to be quartering away. My nerves finally calmed because I knew I was going to harvest this bear. As the bear moved to and from the 2 bait barrels he would stop and sit on his butt, lay down,look around and eat. Every time I thought he was looking up at us in the tree stand i would close my eyes thinking I was about to be busted by a 200+ pound bear. He had NO clue we were there. Finally, after 8-10 minutes of watching this amazing creature, he was quartering away -the shot I was looking for! I drew back, put the 10-yard pin on him and pulled the trigger. The bear let out this ear-piercing ROAR, reared up, crashed through the woods for about 11 yards and dropped. I had just harvested my first game animal EVER! What an adrenaline RUSH! We guessed the weight while we were waiting to get out of the tree stand. I guessed 220lbs. My friend Jamie, guessed 140-150lbs. We climbed down and walked up the mountain to make a few phone calls to get some help dragging him out. Drove the truck down, dragged him out, tagged him, took some photos and loaded him in the back of the pick up. The drag was only 11 yards, if that! Nice! We took more photos, dressed him out and called New Hampshire Fish and Game officer to have him come by to tag him in. The next morning we brought the bear to be processed and skinned. We weighed him in...dressed out at 190lbs! Not bad for my first game animal! A few days later we returned home and brought the skin to the taxidermist to be made into a rug. I am so looking foward to next year! Thanks HOYT! You rock!

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