Hoyt Trophy Photos | Shane Sanderson

People who GET SERIOUS bows get serious results. See what happens when you GET HOYT.

Shane Sanderson, WY

Bow Used: Vectrix XL

I was in my treestand overlooking the river where I know deer cross from the reservation to come to our fields to feed. At 6:35 I saw this buck emerge on the other side at about 200 yards, and at first I didn't think he was a shooter just by judging his antlers to his body size. As the buck crossed the river I noticed how big his body was and started analyzing him and decided if he gave me the opporunity I would take him. He cam to 58 yards and I didn't think he would stop. Not wanting to take a shot if he was looking my direction, I was going to let him walk. Then for some reason he stopped and was looking away from me. I drew, put the 60 yard pin on him and let it fly. I heard that awesome "thwak" and he jumped and went about 30 yards and stopped and stood there. I could see the blood pooring out. The deer then walked into some thick brush and disappeared. I waited about 30 minutes and got out of the stand and started easing down the blood trail. I got into the thick stuff about 40 yards and found him dead. His antlers actually grew - I had no idea he was this size. He isn't a monster or even the biggest buck on our place, but I am very happy.

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