Hoyt Trophy Photos | Derik Yarnell

People who GET SERIOUS bows get serious results. See what happens when you GET HOYT.

Derik Yarnell, CO

Bow Used: Lazertec

I shopped many bow manufacturers when returning to the archery hunting passion of my youth. The first time I held a Hoyt and shot it I knew what would follow me home. I have spent countless hours with my Hoyt target practicing and hunting. After drawing my archery deer tag I began scouting earnestly to find the best buck I could. The one I found was beyond my imagination. I spent many days before season learning about this buck, his companions, habits and patterns. After the archery season began I was after him every day. I had a number of close calls, but did not loose an arrow because he was wary or the situation was not right and did not come together. Finally on the 6th day of the season I spotted them going into an area where I know I could get my chance. I rushed to get in front of the deer in an area between their feeding and bedding areas. I was at the edge of a grassy meadow with tall grass from the years good rain. I setup beneath a tree where I knew the wind would not give me a way to them easily. After a short while the herd showed up with this enormous buck among them. The herd was wary as usual with the big buck being the most watchful. After what seemed like an hour of waiting I could peer through the grass and see him standing at 45 yards broadside. I drew my Hoyt while still hidden and slowly stood until the shot was clear and my 40-yard pin was midway up behind his shoulder. Upon release I could see the arrow strike true. 60 yards later I was celebrating the trophy of a lifetime! I love my Hoyt and my next bow will be a Hoyt also. Thank you for providing the essential ingredient to my succesfull hunt.

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