Hoyt Trophy Photos | Brandon Hane

People who GET SERIOUS bows get serious results. See what happens when you GET HOYT.

Brandon Hane, MI

Bow Used: havoctec

It was opening day and the first time I had ever had my bow in the turkey woods. I set decoys up about 15 yards away in the woods and posted up 20 yards off the field. After the sun came up some birds came out in to the field I was next to. I started calling to them and they were talking back and coming in on a string. I was looking them over to see if one was a shooter when a bird gobbled right on top of me. I looked over at my decoys and this big tom was in full strut right in the middle of them. Like always, my Hoyt didn't let me down. I drilled him right in the heart. He went 40 yards and was done. I got my first Hoyt when I was 16 and I'm still hunting with it - but when I'm ready to get a new bow I know it's going to be a Hoyt.

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