Hoyt Trophy Photos | Patrick Rankin

People who GET SERIOUS bows get serious results. See what happens when you GET HOYT.

Patrick Rankin, MI

Bow Used: Razor Tec

I shot this 4 1/2 year old Southern Michigan whitetail last fall in late October. Live weight on this buck was 260 pounds, just an enormous body on this whitetail. In the photo you will see the shed of this buck lying next to the whitetail. I came across it in March of 2007. My son and I knew of him in the area - both by seeing him while bowhunting and having a picture of him on camera. The method of hunting this big buck was spot, stalk and set up. I was coming out of the woods early this afternoon, exhausted and overheated from moving and setting up new stand locations for the upcoming rut. I had full intentions of hunting after moving stands but I had dressed too warm. I was back at my vehicle at 5:30 p.m. unloading my gear when 300 yards to the north of me I watched a lone doe come from an area of pines. The big guy soon stepped out and boogered the doe back into the pines. The doe had once again stepped from the pines and crossed a wide opened field heading for the woods. He had soon stepped from the pines and had followed her to the woods. He crossed the alfalfa field on a walk heading to the doe. Absolutely no question, this was an exceptional buck out in front of me. I grabbed the bow and the rest of my gear and headed to the same woods they were in. I was 250 or so yards to the straight south of them. It happened quickly; after no more than 10 minutes, and five does, where there should have only been the one doe, I put my arrow through him at 18 yards - from the ground. I am a CBM measurerer for State of Michigan and I new the second I laid eyes on him, he was my second Pope and Young whitetail buck. He's a main frame 8-point with 3 additional "garbage points", so he's an 11-point. As an 8 he grossed 149 4/8", and total antler he grossed 157 3/8". Pope and Young excepted him in their records books at 135 3/8" typical. I love this sport and I'm proud to say I am a part of the Hoyt family. Thanks for your time and thanks to Hoyt for an awesome bow!

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