Hoyt Trophy Photos | Shaine Reece

People who GET SERIOUS bows get serious results. See what happens when you GET HOYT.

Shaine Reece, MT

Bow Used: Hoyt Vulcan

As we hit the plains of South Africa to find a trophy Nyala, the words "you will have a hard time harvesting one of these with your bow", and then a laugh. I was confident to show the landowner and his tracker that it could be done. With my trusty Hoyt I knew the challenge was big, but not a doubt was in my mind that I was going to get the animal I traveled so far to get. As we drove down a bumpy road, my friend Rufus Luttig slammed on the brakes of the truck. I heard the words I had been waiting for..."There he is." As I glassed the open hill side I saw him. A huge 26"+ bull. Rufus and I planned the stalk and I was off. He was about 400 yards away and I had to cross a dry creek bed to get him - then figure how I was going to get into bow range in the open plains. I made my way down and before I knew it, I was 70 yards from the bull. I knew if I got within 50 yards I could make the shot. As I crawled through the grass I ranged him, 42 yards. Perfect, now the waiting came. After about 45 minutes of cat and mouse he finally gave me the shot I was looking for. With a quick prayer, my arrow was off. Perfect shot, the Nyala ran into the brush. I let out a victory yell knowing my Hoyt and I did the unthinkable, kill a record book Nyala in the open country. As I recovered my arrow, Rufus came running down the draw with camera in hand. We found my animal less then 35 feet from where I shot it. Truly a trophy of a lifetime and once again we proved that a Hoyt can do anything. For serious hunting I shoot a serious bow, a HOYT!!!! Thanks!

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