Hoyt Trophy Photos | Scott Wolfe

People who GET SERIOUS bows get serious results. See what happens when you GET HOYT.

Scott Wolfe, IL

Bow Used: Trykon

On October 27th, my cameraman and I had just settled in the stand when a small buck came in and bedded down under us. About 30 minutes later I spotted a doe walking in front of us from right to left ... totally ignoring my buck decoy. Just as I stood to get ready for a shot, I spotted this guy breaking off the doe's trail and hooking around to get downwind of my decoy. The buck passed in front of us at 15 yards, but he was quartering away too strong. With ears pinned back and hair standing up, he walked stiff-legged toward the decoy. When he was nose-to-nose with the decoy, he gave me a perfect 30-yard quartering-away shot. The arrow found its mark and the buck tipped over just 40 yards from the decoy.

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