Hoyt Trophy Photos | Ric Lockhart

People who GET SERIOUS bows get serious results. See what happens when you GET HOYT.

Ric Lockhart, AB

Bow Used: VetrixXl

It was a beautiful Thanksgiving Monday and I enjoyed a very early dinner so I could get to my deer spot with plenty of time to spare. As luck would have it, the mulies were moving early that day, too. There was the buck I was looking for -leading a group of five bucks. They were moving quickly into a draw where a good stalk would be possible. With a full stomach and a ton of adrenalin, I ran to the top of the hill where I thought they may pass and, to my suprise, he was comming right toward me. I caught my breath and raisesd my bow. As soon as I released I knew everthing felt perfect. My Hoyt Vectrix XL had placed the perfect shot. Thank you, Hoyt, for the 20 plus years of dependibility and quality in the field that I have enjoyed. - Ric Lockhart

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