Hoyt Pro Staffer Chase Fulcher

Hoyt Pro Staffer Chase Fulcher

Chase Fulcher

Chase Fulcher

Pro Staff

Chase has always had an overwhelming drive and strong discipline, which has enabled him to excel and achieve many accomplishments in everything he has pursued.

While serving his country in the United States Army Airborne Air Assault, Chase earned many honors including Repel Master, Top-Secret Clearance, and Expert Marksmen. He was also chosen as the outstanding graduate of the Airborne Academy and Solider of the Year for the 5th Signal Brigade. In an amazing 19 months he was awarded Sergeant and received The Army Accommodation Medal from the Secretary of the Army.

At the end of his four-year term, the Army gave Chase the option of either joining the Delta Force or attending prep school for West Point. After deep thought and consideration he decided to pursue a business opportunity offered by Farm Bureau Insurance as a new agent. He wanted to get back home, settle down with a new family, and enjoy his unsurpassed love for bow hunting and his community.

In his 18-year career with Farm Bureau he has greatly exceeded all expectations and broken records that have never been thought possible in the company's 70-year history.

His unbelievable persistency and dedication has made him the number one agent in 11 states competing against over 4,200 agents. He also completed his chartered life underwriter and chartered financial consultant in national record time. Chase speaks professionally throughout the United States to various companies promoting positive attitudes, honesty, ethics, and strong work habits. He has maintained and plans to continue a very strict nutrition, health and workout regime so he can enjoy the things he loves most. He never fails in his speeches to mention the most important things that have made an impact on his life: God, his family, friends, co-workers, clients and his love for bow hunting.

The same love, admiration and determination that were displayed in his military and professional career were present in his archery, at the early age of six. It was then that he received his first bow from his grandfather who owned a popular sporting good store in his hometown. He spent hours shooting daily and hunting small game in his home county, Henderson, Kentucky. He took his first whitetail at age 12 with his bow and knew right away, this would become his life long passion.

Chase began helping out and working in the local archery shop to assist anyone he could. He started shooting in archery tournaments, placing second at state his first year. He continued to target shoot and compete in archery tournaments until age 18. It was at this time he felt he had mastered target shooting and achieved his goal of becoming proficient enough to bow hunt in less than ideal conditions.

Chase has harvested over 70 whitetails, with some bucks exceeding 145 P&Y. His hunting travels include Austria, Canada, Netherlands, British Columbia, Yukon, Germany and many states within the United States. He has harvested many different species and plans to harvest the 28 North American species and bow hunt in Africa and New Zealand.

His beautiful wife, Marjorie, his son, Dale, and daughter Katelyn remain the highest priorities in his life. Dale is following in his father’s footsteps harvesting several animals with a bow and going on hunting trips when possible. His lovely daughter Katelyn is a ranked tennis player, enjoys eating wild game and shooting her Hoyt Ultratech.

Chase recently became an advanced level archery instructor. This allows him to assist his fellow archers at a much higher level. He has never been too busy to help a stranger start or improve their bow hunting skills, and considers it a privilege to give his time to setup or fix their bows at no charge. He is always researching, shooting, testing equipment, and helping refine archery products in his own personal pro shop. He has given countless hours and financial resources supporting many organizations to ensure the conservation and preservation of all wildlife for future generations to come.

He feels privileged to be sponsored and to represent the best manufacturers in the industry: Hoyt USA, Easton, Apple Archery, Spot-Hogg, Crimson Talon, Winners Choice, Doinker, Opti-Logic, Outtech, SIMS Vibration Laboratory, Carter releases, Crooked Horn Outfitters, Raven Wear, Schnee's Boots, Ultra Archery Products, Barney's Sport Chalet, Bear Basin Outfitters and Sportsman’s Headquarters.

Chase is planning some very tough, demanding and exciting hunts in the future. He plans to hunt brown bear, elk, moose, caribou, mule deer, whitetail, cougar, lynx, bobcat, antelope and the Grand Slam on sheep. He knows Hoyt USA will provide him and keep him up-to-date with the most durable and innovative archery equipment in the industry.