Hoyt Pro Staffer Vicki Cianciarulo

Hoyt Pro Staffer Vicki Cianciarulo

Vicki Cianciarulo

Vicki Cianciarulo

Pro Staff

Here's what Vicki has to say about the all-new 2010 Hoyt Vicxen!

HOYT: What impresses you most about Hoyt's 2010 bow lineup?

VICKI: I’m very excited about the new Hoyt line-up, especially the new Vicxen! Hoyt is always on the cutting edge of technology and they have a knack for manufacturing exactly what today’s archers are looking for in equipment!

HOYT: You’ve had opportunities to hunt with – and fill tags with – the all-new Vicxen. Tell us about that. Where were your first hunts with it?

VICKI: When Hoyt first talked to me about the idea of the new Vicxen, I couldn’t believe it! I was so excited that they were coming out with a top-of-the-line ladies bow! The Vicxen delivers amazing kinetic energy. That’s a big deal for those of us with shorter draw lengths. And it’s not ‘just another ladies bow’. Hoyt took it seriously for the ladies out there and delivered a really great bow.

My first hunt with my Vicxen was a Colorado elk hunt at the Cielo Vista Ranch. I had been on five elk hunts before this one, but hadn't been able to connect. We hunted hard and got set up on a couple different bulls, but either the wind switched on us or the bull that would come in was a small rag horn. I would’ve been pleased with any of them, but Hal, my guide, kept telling me we could do better. We ended up working a bull for over an hour and he finally came in to about 33 yards! I drew back my Vicxen knew instantly that I finally got my elk! He ran about 80 yards and piled up. I was so excited! I’ve been blessed to have taken a Colorado elk, Yukon moose, North Dakota whitetail buck and a Iowa doe so far with my Vicxen!

HOYT: What were your first thoughts about the bow and its design and performance?

VICKI: When Hoyt first started talking about the design and all the features and technologies of the bow, I was really excited. We shot it through the chronograph and discovered that the kinetic was actually a bit heavier than my AlphaMax. Sometimes manufacturers think that because a product is for a lady, it has to be less than what a guy would want. Well, I’m proud of Hoyt creating the Vicxen specifically for us ladies. It’s definitely every bit as tough, accurate, high-tech and dependable as the “guys’ bows”!

HOYT: What’s it like to have a Signature Series Hoyt bow named after you?

VICKI: I have to admit, it is a little strange to me to see my name on the limbs of the Vicxen! I never thought I would see the day … I never ever even thought about having a signature series Hoyt bow! That is something that really blows my mind. But I’m very proud of the bow and I know that everyone shooting it will be, too!

HOYT: You’re a role model and spokeswoman for getting more women involved in hunting. What do you hope to see the Vicxen do for women hunters?

VICKI: Ralph and I have always been about trying to grow the lifestyle of hunting by getting more women and kids involved. With the price point of the Hoyt Vicxen and the performance of it, we feel that it will really help in our mission of growing hunting and getting more women out there shooting bows. There are some people out there that just don’t want to hunt, and that’s absolutely fine. But that doesn’t mean we can’t try to get everyone involved in shooting archery. It’s a great family sport!

HOYT: You and Ralph are a huge part of the newly-redesigned Hoyt.com ... especially the new HD video player. What can fans expect to see next?

VICKI: We are always working on new things, and even I am never quite sure what Ralph will think up next! His mind never stops. The “Hoyt in House” video series was a big hit, and we already have some other ideas in the works, so you just never know!

HOYT: Where have you and Ralph hunted so far this fall, and what hunts are you looking forward to next?

VICKI: We’ve hunted in Colorado for elk, Yukon for moose, North Dakota for whitetails, as well as Iowa and our home state of Illinois. We still have Anticosti Island, Mexico, Ohio, and who knows what else Ralph will try to squeeze into our schedule!!

HOYT: What’s new at Archer’s Choice Media?

VICKI: We have all kinds of things going on here at Archer’s Choice! Ralph and I have our own Facebook pages, and ACMedia has Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and Camo Space pages! And we have our blog on www.archerschoice.com that we try to keep updated. And I just became a fan of Hoyt’s new Facebook page! We’re getting ready for a big year in 2010 here at AC Media. It’s “Archer’s Choice” TV show’s 10th year on The Outdoor Channel and “The Choice” TV show’s five-year anniversary. We will have 52 weeks of shows for 2010 on The Outdoor Channel! The guys here in the studio definitely keep busy!

To learn more about Ralph and Vicki Cianciarulo, Archer’s Choice Media and their award-winning TV shows and DVDs, visit www.archerschoicemedia.com.

Vicki's Biography

Vicki Cianciarulo edits hunting videos at ACVP, Inc. and is an experienced bowhunter. She is an enthusiastic photographer of the outdoors and nature, as she has always loved the outdoors. When she started bowhunting, she took her love for the outdoors a step further. Instead of just hiking and camping, she started spending many hours a day in treestands and in the field observing more nature than she ever thought possible.

When Vicki is not in the field, she is editing bowhunting and product videos in the ACVP studio, along with her husband/hunting partner, Ralph. She also a part of the HNI Prostaff.

Vicki's first bow harvest was in the Republic of South Africa; it was a 30-yard shot at a blesbok antelope. She has become quite a successful bowhunter, outdoorswoman, and teacher of archery. Vicki has taken numerous whitetail deer, including her 1997 Illinois 11 point buck that grossed 156 1/8" P&Y. She has also taken several black bear, with three of them making P&Y, the largest skull scoring 20 6/16". Other animals which Vicki has been successful in harvesting include: turkey, wild boar, javelina and several African animals including kudu, gemsbok, impala, red hartebeest, blue wildebeest, blesbok, ostrich, Eland, and Waterbuck.

Vicki has taken on a very active roll of getting more women and kids into the sport of bowhunting and archery. Women and kids are the fastest growing group of individuals to get started into archery, and Vicki wants to keep it growing.

"There is nothing more exciting than having a black bear sow with cubs come into your bait site, and when she woofs, the cubs climb your tree. Face to face, the adrenaline is pumping through your veins. Actually it's a tie, putting a good shot on any animal and watching it go down in seconds, that's adrenaline!!!" Vicki Cianciarulo.