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Oct 10, 2018 |  #hoyt #Compound #Bowhunting #Target Archery

At Hoyt, building the highest-quality archery products in the world is job number one. Not only do we have industry-leading product testing standards before a product is ever approved to go to market, but we also continue to test products in the field to ensure that our exacting standards are being met and that our customer’s experience is exceptional.

 Through our continual product testing programs, we have discovered that the original #3 ZT Turbo Cams on the 2018 Carbon RX-1 Turbo bows may create pre-mature string wear. This pre-mature wear could lead to the string needing to be replaced sooner than otherwise expected. (Hoyt recommends that all bow strings be regularly inspected and maintained and that they be replaced after the earlier of two years or two thousand shots.)

 To remedy this potential pre-mature string wear, Hoyt is committed to providing a free warranty replacement for the cams and the string on all 2018 Carbon RX-1 Turbo bows with the original #3 ZT Turbo Cams. If you have purchased or own a 2018 Carbon RX-1 Turbo with the original #3 ZT Turbo Cam, and even if you have not previously registered your bow, please visit your place of purchase or any other Authorized Hoyt Retailer to register your bow and have a new set of updated ZT Turbo Cams and string installed at no-charge. You can also contact us at Hoyt (1-801-363-2990) to be sure that your bow is registered and can send it directly to our Hoyt factory technicians for this free warranty replacement.

 A specific marking has been placed on the updated #3 ZT Turbo Cam for easy identification. The updated cam features a ZT logo at the end of the cable track near the cable attachment. Any Carbon RX-1 Turbo bows with the updated cam will not need the free warranty replacement. See photo below for reference:


We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but we are absolutely committed to ensuring your utmost satisfaction in your Hoyt product.


 Hoyt Product Testing and Quality Assurance Teams