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2 Keys to Boot Comfort

Jul 29, 2015 |  #hoyt #bowhunting #compound

This is the second installment of our footwear comfort series. See the first article on boot selection here.

Ever sat around camp after a long day of hunting and listened to your hunting partner brag about how great his feet feel and how awesome his boots are? While he is carrying on you find yourself thinking, “What did I miss? I went to the extreme. I selected the best boots money can buy. I even had my feet measured, but they still hurt!” Read on as we reveal possible solutions.

Develop your own sock system:

A sock system is very important to the protection and overall comfort of your feet. Quality sock systems consist of a liner sock, next to your skin, with an outer sock worn over top the liner. This dual-sock system enhances the comfort and fit of your boots, while eliminating hot spots and blisters. However, the most advantageous part of this system is the ability to adjust the thickness and weight of the outer sock, according to the temperatures you encounter.


A good sock system will discourage hot spots while improving comfort. 

Always be mindful of the blend of fibers in your sock system. Quality liner socks, like Bridgedale socks, consist of Coolmax, Polypropylene, and Lycra. Your outer socks, DarnTough and Bridgedale both make good ones, will have a blended content of Merino Wool or New Wool with Polyethylene, Nylon and/or Spandex. These blends help control moisture buildup and reduce shear forces next to your skin. The result is a sock that stays put, dries faster in the back country, and reduces the risk of hot spots and blisters, all while providing durability. 

Transform your fit with aftermarket footbeds:

Consider upgrading your boots this year with medical-grade soft-polymer footbeds. Hunters from around the world are realizing the benefits of aftermarket footbeds over conventional off-the-shelf arch supports, but many unwittingly get stuck with low-quality versions that don’t meet the basic credentials of a good footbed.


Medical-grade soft polymer footbeds are game changers in hunting boot comfort. 

A good footbed will not feel out of place in your shoe, and won’t require a long “break-in” period. It will also provide a full-contact fit to spread pressures equally along the surface of the foot, while providing the right amount of support for any activity. Lastly, it should be built in a way that keeps it from moving within your shoe.

Because we understand the impact of a hunter’s footwear on his outdoors experience, we developed our own footbed to meet these needs. Our digitally designed Lathrop and Sons Synergy footbeds are at the cutting-edge of footbed design. Wearing Synergy footbeds will improve your level of performance and leave you with noticeably less discomfort after a long day on the mountain.


Advanced design software enables custom-fit footbeds for perfect fit and comfort.

Using advanced design software, our soft polymer Synergy footbeds are designed to completely change your shoe experience. Our footbeds have the ability to completely transform the fit of any boot, providing you with a full-contact fit and a custom feel. Unlike standard off-the-shelf footbeds, which can take weeks to get used to or feel strange and out of place, our Synergy footbeds can be custom fit specifically for you.

The Synergy footbed is designed with arched wings that encompass your feet, reduce excess motion, and provide just the right amount of support on and off the trail - with or without your pack. The characteristics of the soft medical grade polymer lends itself perfectly to prevention of hot spots and dreaded blisters. These footbeds are designed for everything, from long brutal hikes to carrying out your trophy bull!

In summary:

Do yourself a favor before you hit the mountain this year, evaluate your socks. Did your feet fail last year? Did you fight blisters? Did you have cold, damp, sweaty feet? Upgrade to a sock system that works.

Then evaluate your boot’s insoles. Are they flat, thin, flimsy or compressed? Can you see or feel your foot imprint? These characteristics are an indication that your factory footbeds need replaced with a quality soft-polymer footbed, such as the L&S Synergy footbed.

Good luck out there this season! Stay comfortable and shoot straight!

Stephen Lathrop

Stephen and James Lathrop are avid bowhunters who own and operate a specialized boot shop and foot orthotic laboratory in Illinois. They have helped numerous big game hunters, including several Hoyt employees, to relieve chronic foot and back issues, and prepare for hunting season, by providing recommendations and/or custom-fitted footwear.  

For more information on the L&S Synergy footbed or to outfit your boots for this season give one of our experts a call. We look forward to helping you achieve the next level of comfort. (618) 544-8782