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Chase Fulcher Threads the Needle to Smash World Record Behemoth with Hoyt Bow

Mar 25, 2015 |  #hoyt #bowhunting #recurve


After two unsuccessful bison hunts in British Columbia last year – over a 25-day period of frigid snowstorms, crunchy snow, -20°F temps, and sleep deprivation — I finally got an opportunity for athird hunt in hopes to be successful. I was excited and ready.

Sixweeks before my hunt, my guide, Corky Richardson, was telling me it was best to cancel the trip. He had just finished guiding a rifle hunter and it had been a really tough 2 weeks for them, they didn’t get a bull until the last day. Corky advised me to wait until winter so that all the other hunters would be finished and no one else would be scouting or hunting. I was very disappointed but knew that I didn’t want to return a third time if the conditions were not good.

Three weeks pass and Corky calls again; he has spotted a big bull. He thinks I might have a chance, however tough, to get my bison. I got my rear in gear and worked every night through the weekend to get ready.


What an UNBELIEVABLE spot and stalk hunt!

We found our herd and tried to get ahead of them by staying low in a nearby canyon. We made it up 4 different ridges but still couldn’t get ahead of them. On the fifth attempt we were finally successful. The Bison were in heavy rut; I could hear their heavy growls and grunts! Crawling and sliding upon my knees, I caught sight of a big bull in the timber straight ahead. I was waiting for him to step out for a shot at 45 yards, but two minutes later a MONSTER bull appeared in the heavy timber, 28 yards to my right. As I drew my 80 lb. Hoyt, my confidence level couldn’t have been higher. 

I had to rotate on my knees to the right in order to get the shot, causing a few cows to spook and blow out of the thick timber. The massive bull jerked up his head as the cows fled, getting ready to bolt. My only shot was a two-inch hole between two saplings. I focused intensely, released the arrow, and watched it bury itself behind his shoulder. 

The herd of 25 about ran over me.

I was shocked and elated to see my bull pile up 50 yards away. Corky had tears in his eyes, immediately informing me that I didn’t know what a trophy I had. he was sure this monster bull was the new world record. (Corky was the current World Record holder, and a bison hunter of 30 years – so he would be the guy to know!) 


The bull green scored as the No. 2 archery world record by eight inches. He had been seen a couple of times since 2009, but hunters could never find him because he stayed elusive in the mountains and canyon.

The Arizona Game and Fish Department called me four days after I returned and gave me the details on the harvest. After aging the jaw and teeth, my bull was estimated to be 22 years old (the oldest bull they had ever aged before then was 18) and his skull was 2½ inches wider than the world record. I finally had my free-range wild bison trophy. 

Hunting public land there in the Kaibab Forest on the northern rim of the Grand Canyon was beyond my expectations. The beauty and terrain was unimaginable.

I always say that things happen for a reason. In the end, I am thankful for my two unsuccessful bison hunts the previous year, as they set the stage for this amazing opportunity (Freezing my #@$#[email protected]# off for 25 days was definitely worth it!). Plus, I think of all the extra adventures and new friendships forged. Life truly is about making memories, the people we meet, and the relationships we develop; not the animals we harvest. 

I want to personally thank Corky and his dad, George. Words cannot describe the new wonderful friendship I forged with the Richardson family, which means far more to me then the bison! I would also like to thank their beautiful wives, Cindy and Louise, for their kindness, hospitality and great food!

Their wonderful families reminded me of my own: close, loveing, God-fearing and conservative. Thanks for making me part of your family.

Your new friend for life!