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The most compound risers ever created. Lighter, stronger and quieter. The pinnacle of compound bow design.

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Why a 1.2 lb. riser can survive a 6,115 lb. truck

It really is unfathomable. A 1.2 lb., hollow carbon riser holding and surviving a 6,115 pound, full-size truck?* That’s right. When it comes to pure, rock solid strength, nothing compares to Hoyt’s Carbon Technology Bows. The greatest strength-to-weight ratio of any bow riser, ever. When we first introduced our Carbon Bows, the competition downplayed them as being inferior in strength and vibration characteristics. They quickly found out they couldn’t have been more wrong. Winning award after award and going through the most punishing, brutal tests that bowhunters and Mother Nature can dish out, Hoyt Carbon Technology Bows have risen above all others in a class of their very own. That is why so many bowhunters have made the switch to Hoyt’s Carbon Technology bows. It’s a fact, nothing else compares.

Hollow Carbon Tubes

Seriously. Those winding carbon tubes holding up a full-size truck are hollow as in pour water into the top of each tube and it would flow right through –hollow. It is just part of the science. And, more than 50 different custom carbon components designed and chosen for specific stiffness, damping ability and toughness go into making this unparalleled deadly.

Virtually No Shock or Vibration

Three com plex multi-layer, hollow carbon tubes are interlocked to optimize stiffness – this totally engineered design promotes near-instant vibration damping while reducing noise.

Warm to the Touch

Bowhunting and cold weather go hand in hand. As you wait for the shot, a frigid riser can suck the life out of you – compromising your ability to make the perfect shot. Hoyt carbon bows don’t feel like an icicle in your hand – they actually feel warm to the touch.

Fused Carbon Components

More than 50 individual carbon components selected for specific proper ties are fused into our single, incredibly rigid and light structure. These components have been specifically engineered for optimized stiffness and vibration control – in other words, ultimate accuracy and deadly silence on the shot.

“A “must have” for discerning bowhunters.” Outdoor Life Bow Shootout 2010


“Even more impressive, it zipped arrows down-range while registering a scant 16.34 m/s2 of vibration. That translates into truly shock-free arrow delivery. And, at 86.3 dBA, the Carbon Element is pin-drop quiet.” Outdoor Life Bow Shootout 2011


“Surprisingly, for a light bow, it offers almost no felt hand shock or vibration...” Field & Stream Best of the Best Awards 201


*THE LEGAL STUFF: The truck torture test was performed under controlled conditions and should not be attempted in any other circumstances. If your bow is run over by a vehicle, do not shoot it. Take it directly to your dealer for full inspection. Running over your bow could void Hoyt's warranty policy.

Experience the Hoyt Carbon Torture Test


Part 1 - Introduction


Part 2 - Bow Rollover Test


Part 3 - Grind Test


Part 4 - Peel Out & Shoot Test


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